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Check out the Release of the Women’s GEL-NIMBUS 26 from ASICS

The Women's GEL-NIMBUS 26 by ASICS marks a significant leap in running footwear. Combining PureGEL® technology for unparalleled comfort with eco-friendly materials, it sets a new standard in sustainable performance. Its engineered knit upper and ASICS®GRIP™ outsole ensure a perfect blend of support, durability, and environmental consciousness.
Nimbus 26

In the world of running footwear, the arrival of a new shoe model is always a moment of excitement and anticipation. This is especially true when the release comes from a brand as reputable as ASICS, known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and performance. The launch of the Women’s GEL-NIMBUS 26 is no exception. This latest iteration in the GEL-NIMBUS series promises to deliver an unparalleled running experience, combining state-of-the-art technology with sustainable practices.

A Legacy of Excellence

The GEL-NIMBUS series has long been a favorite among runners of all levels, from casual joggers to professional athletes. Known for its exceptional cushioning and support, the series has continually evolved, incorporating the latest in footwear technology to enhance the runner’s experience. The GEL-NIMBUS 26 continues this tradition of excellence, bringing new features and improvements that are set to redefine comfort and performance in running shoes.

Innovative Design for Supreme Comfort

At the heart of the GEL-NIMBUS 26’s design is its commitment to providing a supremely comfortable running experience. The shoe features ASICS’ latest advancements in cushioning technology, designed to make every step feel like landing on clouds. This is achieved through the use of PureGEL® technology, which offers lightweight cushioning and softer landings, a critical factor in reducing the impact on joints during runs.

The upper part of the shoe is crafted from a soft engineered knit material, meticulously designed to offer a snug yet flexible fit. This knit upper not only provides excellent ventilation, keeping the feet cool and dry, but also adapts to the shape of the foot, offering personalized comfort and support. The knit tongue and collar further enhance this feeling of bespoke comfort, ensuring a smooth, irritation-free experience even on long runs.

Eco-Friendly Approach

In today’s world, where sustainability is increasingly becoming a priority, ASICS has taken significant steps to ensure that the GEL-NIMBUS 26 is not just good for the runner, but also for the planet. The shoe boasts eco-friendly features, such as the use of recycled materials in over 75% of the shoe’s main upper material. This approach significantly reduces waste and carbon emissions, making the GEL-NIMBUS 26 a choice that environmentally conscious consumers can feel good about.

Moreover, the shoe’s sockliner is produced using a solution dyeing process. This innovative method reduces water usage by approximately 33% and carbon emissions by about 45% compared to conventional dyeing technologies. Such initiatives reflect ASICS’ commitment to reducing the environmental impact of their products, aligning with the growing demand for sustainable footwear options.

Enhanced Traction and Durability

Understanding the diverse environments and conditions runners face, ASICS has equipped the GEL-NIMBUS 26 with the ASICS®GRIP™ outsole rubber. This feature not only improves traction, offering a stable and secure grip on various surfaces, but also enhances the shoe’s overall softness and durability. The AHAR®PLUS™ outsole rubber further contributes to the shoe’s longevity, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of regular running.

Reflective Details for Safety

Safety is a paramount concern for runners, particularly those who run in low-light conditions. The GEL-NIMBUS 26 addresses this with strategically placed reflective details. These enhancements are designed to improve visibility, ensuring that runners are seen and safe, whether they’re hitting the streets early in the morning or after sunset.

Catering to Different Foot Types

The GEL-NIMBUS 26 is designed to cater to runners with various foot types and pronation patterns. It is particularly suited for those with normal-sized arches and offers excellent support for neutral and under pronators. The shoe’s design ensures even distribution of pressure across the foot, effective shock absorption, and a natural roll from heel to toe, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of runners.


The Women’s GEL-NIMBUS 26 is more than just a new model in a celebrated series; it’s a testament to ASICS’ ongoing commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability. By combining cutting-edge technology with eco-friendly practices, the GEL-NIMBUS 26 sets a new standard in the running shoe industry. Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or a casual jogger, this shoe offers the comfort, support, and durability you need to elevate your running experience, all while making a positive impact on the planet. With the GEL-NIMBUS 26, ASICS once again proves why it remains a leader in the world of athletic footwear.

Nimbus 26

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